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Tamarind is one of the nicest restaurants in Jhamel. It has a nice decor and is perfect for a classy dinner. While it serves food from Newari to Italian to Thai, it can still be considered less expensive than some other restaurants in Jhamel. And you can listen to live music by popular local bands certain days of the week.


Well, how do I start? It wasn't even in existence a few years back. And now its one of the most talked about places in town. Jhamel gets its name from Jhamsikhel in Patan where it is actually located. This area is home to a lot of international organizations and therefore expats. And with them came the eateries catered to them. While Thamel is the mecca for tourists, Jhamel started gaining quick traction for these expats and the burgeoning Kathmandu elite.

Nowadays, especially during weekends, this area which is behind the Ashok Sthupa, and between St Marys School and Gyanodaya, you can see the parking lots are full and the fancy restaurants alive with young professionals.


Renowned as a holy place for both Hindu and Buddhist. The temple of Muktinath is situated at the base of Khatang Kang. The major attraction of the Muktinath are:-
Jwala Mai Temple

Gosaikunda Rasuwa

For people from the valley (Kathmandu) the nearest, well-known sacred mountain lake is Gosainkunda (4,300m). The lake area is completely packed during Janai Purnima.
But be ware of leeches during the rainy season. They can really get into your shoes. But otherwise, great views of the mountains and a really nice place to visit.