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CS Monitor’s Buddhism blunder

Christian Science Monitor is a great newspaper that I read online almost everyday (Unlike the tone on its name, it does not promote the doctrine of its patron church). On a daily course of surfing through news on the site today, I found this interesting quiz, Think You Know Asia?. Being a Nepali, I was [...]

Kumari – The Living Goddess of Nepal

90% of Nepalese people are Hindus. It was only after the fall of monarchy in 2006, when Nepal lost its name as “the only Hindu country in the world”. The King was regarded for centuries as an incarnation of the Hindu Lord Vishnu. The streets of Nepal are full of temples and deities. Nepalese derive [...]

Nepal No Where in 17 Biggest Buddha Statues on Earth

On, I saw this new post about Asia’s amazing Buddha statues: 17 Biggest Buddhas on Earth. I got very excited about it right from the name and began scanning the article with huge hopes of finding Nepal in the back of my mind.  I was blown away by the creativity of these countries on being [...]