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Adventure Nepal – A glimpse into Nepal’s attractions

There are scores of reasons to Get In Nepal. I absolutely loved this well constructed video by Nexus Nepal which talks about exploring Nepal and the things to do while in there. It gives you the perfect insight of the country nicely coupled with a good amount of information on each of the  major local attractions.

Located in a unique geographical location and adorned with a mesmerizing topography, Nepal is a culturally rich and naturally blessed country. It gives you a glimpse into your soul in the solitude of  the Himalayas, in a mystical land with the light of fire and faith in the adobe of Gods. Nepal is a country where the heritage and tradition runs deep and where the culture is frozen in time and space.



Nepal – The birth Place of Lord Buddha is blessed with a mystical heritage including mustard fields, paddy fields, lush green tea gardens, pristine lakes, holy land together with an amazing wealth of wild life including Royal Bengal Tiger and one horned Rhinoceros.

Natural Beauties include Mt. Everest: the Worlds’ Highest Peak, eight of the fourteen highest peaks, thirty five percent of the land covered by forest, thick tropical jungles, 848  species of birds, 319 types of exotic orchids, 500  species of butterfly, natural treasure trove and extremely varied landscape.

Cultural Mysteries include 93 ethnic group, 103 spoken languages and dialects, 3000 temples, monasteries and lamasteries, and thousands of monuments.

Grand And Ancient Architecture with as many temples as houses, as many gods as people, where religion is a way of life, more festivals than days in a year, ever smiling Nepali faces, the melting point of Hinduism and Buddhism among the others.

Artifacts par Excellence Kumari: the worlds’ only living goddess. Kathmandu city (capital of Nepal) of temples and chiming bells. Patan, city of Fine Arts. Bhaktapur, city of devotees. Pashupatinath Nepal’s most sacred hindu shrine. Janaki Temple where Lord Ram married Sita.

Extreme Adventure including  Mountaineering, Bungy Jumping, Trekking, Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, Mountain Bikes, Rock Climbing, Jungle Safari, Elephant Polo, Paragliding, Ultralight Aircraft, Mountain Flights, Golfing, Cable Cars.

And all this within a very small stretch of land. Nepal is one the smallest countries in the world but does not have a boundary of the treasures it possesses. True to its cultural principles, “atithi devo bhawa”: you will find Nepal and the Nepalese people with greatest hospitality and gratitude towards you. You will discover even more once you start getting more into Nepal.

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