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Humla. The Western Frontier
Humla. The Western Frontier
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The December 2010 issue of Travel Times had an article about Humla! It talked about the great trails and amazing journey to the western frontier of Nepal.
Humla is the hidden treasure of Nepal's Himalayas. It lies in the northern-most region of Nepal and is the highest place lying along its border with Tibet. It is famous for the typical Tibetan culture which is secluded from the rest of the world.


Anonymous says:
Yes, talking about this - Trekking in Humla: http://www.thegreathimalayatrail.org/3762/travel-times-cover-humlas-yari-and-limi-valleys/ Report this

Anonymous says:
We should really facilitate the trekking environment in Humla. There are regular flights to Simikot ( Humla's district headquarters) from Nepalgunj. Report this