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This is the touristic hubspot of Nepal. Swamped with hotels and restaurants, the area offers all kinds of services targeted to tourists. Thamel streets are very narrow and vehicles can barely move around but this may have had a positive impact on the area: People tend to walk and it makes the whole area so lively.

Thamel gets livelier as the sun goes down. The restaurants have live-bands singing favourite tunes from classical and rock to jazz and blues. You can also enjoy good food from all over the world and hangout in cozy bars or cut yourself loose in one of the many nighclubs. The best thing is everything is walking distance and thats what makes it the most happening place in town.

Places of Interest in Thamel ...


Anonymous says:
Thamel has cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere.. Feel free to do shopping and buy souvenirs here. Report this

Anonymous says:
You can find some really good and authentic restaurants in Thamel Report this

Anonymous says:
For more information, map and others please refer Visit Thamel Dot Com Report this

Anonymous says:
The Nepal Tourism Board, the Thamel Tourism Development Board, HAN, REBAN, NATA, NARA and all others involved must now assess Thamel's state in order to start planning its future. Sherchan sums it up with cautious optimism: "It has an identity of its own and as long as budget tourism is around, this place will be around. Thamel won't die." Refer - http://www.nepalitimes.com/issue/288/Leisure/11040 Report this

Anonymous says:
In summary "I love Thamel" , vibrant place with good food, music, people. If you are looking for cheap budget hotels to expensive one, everything is around! I must say Thamel is Thamel. Report this